Download and Print the Visualization “Marker”

What is a “marker” and where can I get one? You came to the right place for that question! A marker allows you to activate the 3D augmented reality experience. Just click on the image below to download the cube “marker” or click here to download the flat marker and get started now!

Toyota Augmented Reality Marker

Download the Toyota Vehicle Highlight App

The Toyota Vehicle Highlight App is available on the Apple iTunes store. You can download it here.


Scan “Marker” and Bring the Toyota Camry and Sienna to Life!

In the new 3D Toyota Vehicle Highlight App, you can view the Toyota Camry and Sienna vehicles while turning, rotating, and zooming in just like you were walking around and exploring the vehicle in the showroom. While viewing the vehicles you will find hotspots that offer valuable customer information such as lease and buying incentives. Our 3D app takes your car shopping experience to the next level. It is not only exciting and informative, but it is also a visual experience unlike any other that you get to explore in the comfort of your own home!

If you are unable to download the "Marker" you can still enjoy the app by switching to VR mode!